Welcome to our download page.  We have a number of downloads available that will give you an insight into how we do things at the Sports Flying Academy.  We add to these resources often so come back soon to see more.

Copyright of documents in downloads section

Please note that all Sports Flying Academy documents are copyright and except as provided by the Copyright Act of 1994.  no part of our publications or documents may be reproduced, altered or used for any other purpose other than for the genuine use of Sports Flying Academy students whilst flying with the Academy.   Neither may they be stored in a retrieval system in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the Sports Flying Academy. Copyright of other non Sports Flying Academy documents on this page are owned by their respective authors.

Operations and training manuals

Sports Flying Academy Operations and Safety Manual V2.6 Jan 2017

Sports Flying Academy flight training manual version 1.1

Student flight training record

Instructors resource

NZ full flight instructors guide

Fly better Book 1 Aerodynamics

Fly better book 2 Aeroplane handling

Fly better Book 3 Aerial Navigation

Fly better Book 4 Flight Instructional techniques

Check lists and procedures

Tecnam Sierra P2002 ZK-TST Checklist

Forced landing checklist ZK-TST

HASSELL checks

Cheat sheets and briefings

Spider tracks cheat sheet

Spider tracks tier one contacts procedure

Passenger and pre takeoff safety briefing

Whangarei sample radio calls


Defect log for ZK-TST

Preflight log

Cockpit Flight Log

Aircraft flight manuals

Tecnam Sierra P2002 flight manual

Tecnam Sierra P2002 parts manual

Tecnam Sierra P2002 maintenance manual

Link to Rotax manual site

Rotax 912ULS Illustrated Parts Guide

Rotax 912ULS Maintenance manual revision pages only

Rotax 912ULS Maintenance manual

Rotax 912ULS operators manual revision pages only

Rotax 912ULS operators manual

Garmin GPS Map 296 pilots operating handbook

GT propeller manual

Flying NZ. (RNZAC)

Medical Declaration & Certificate

Fit & Proper Person Declaration

Application for Issue of Certificate

Application- Instructor Certificate

Competency Check Form

Microlight Operations Manual

Quality Assurance Manual

Sports Aviation Corporation

SACform 8.1 New Client Application

SACform 8.2 Medical Form Rev 6

SACform 8.15 Fit & Proper Person

Sports Aviation Corporation exposition

Sports Aviation Corporation online services

Sports Aviation Council certificates and rating requirements

Mirolight pilot certificate pathway

 Pilot resource

Free Garmin electronic log book


Bird Hazards

Fuel Management

In Out And around Manawatu

In Out and Around Milford

In Out And Around Mt Cook

In Out and Around_Auckland

In Out and Around_Queenstown

Mountain Flying

New Zealand airspace

Plane talking

Secure Your Aircraft

Spin Avoidance


Takeoff and Landing


Wake Turbulence

Weight and Balance

Winter Flying


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