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Have you ever wanted to learn to fly?

Have you ever wanted to learn to fly?  It’s one of the most fantastic things you can do in your life.  It challenges the mind and stimulates the senses and gives you a sense of freedom and achievement second to none.

But with anything worth doing it does require discipline and hard work as well.  Flying is a process of continued learning and self improvement.  Becoming a pilot means that people will put their lives in your hands and you need to ensure that you have the skills and discipline to honor that privileged role.

Learn to fly student pilot with aircraft

Flying is not about beating up your mates’ house or flying low and dangerously. Its about taking responsibility as the pilot in command and ensuring that your passengers and your aircraft come home safely every time.


At the Sports Flying Academy these are the values that we promote.  Safety is our prime focus and we have a rigorous safety management system in place.

learn to fly safety first



It must be noted that we are a recreational flying school.  What this means is that the the licence you will ultimately achieve is a microlight pilots certificate. (Not a private pilots license.)  This is ideal for recreational flying where you only need to take one passenger.  The advantage of recreational flying is that it is about half the cost of general aviation flying and the medical requirements are not as stringent as general aviation flying.  If you just want to fly for fun then recreational flying is for you.


We do however follow the same syllabus as the New Zealand Private Pilots licence.  This ensures that you get the best possible training to the same standard as a general aviation flying school.  There are far to many microlight flying organisations in New Zealand that do not have a formal syllabus, a formal safety management system or an operational ethos that minimises the multiple risks and hazards that can be found in aviation.  We aim to change that.


Before each lesson we will give you a thorough white board briefing on the flying exercise to be completed. This ensures that you know what to expect during the lesson, the theory behind it and what needs to be achieved to complete the lesson safely and effectively.

Picture of briefing room

After the lesson we complete a post flight briefing where your lesson is discussed and feedback is given by yourself and your instructor. At this stage we also tell you what we will be doing in the next lesson so you have an opportunity to review that before you complete it.  This ensures that you are thoroughly prepared.  The cockpit is a noisy and sometimes stressful environment and learning can be difficult at times especially when you are trying to learn a new motor skill for the first time.  The more preparation done on the ground, the better the learning outcome in the air.

Ground School

We also hold ground school classes. Many microlight training organisations rely on the student to self study. Unfortunately this means that the majority of students never complete their exams and therefore their flying cannot progress.  At the Sports Flying Academy we offer quality ground school classes that cover all aspects of the flight training syllabus.

Fun, fun and more fun

Whilst discipline and hard work is required, flying is also a huge amount of fun and learning to fly is so exciting. That first time you take an aircraft solo will give you a real sense of achievement and pride.

Picture of aircraft

When you choose to learn to fly with us you can be assured of the highest quality recreational training available.

So what are you waiting for?  Call us today on 0800-001-931 and find out more about what makes us different.

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