3D Flight tracking playback




Price shown is in New Zealand Dollars and includes GST.

This incredible add on option allows you to play back your flight in 2D or 3D as seen from the cockpit.  This allows you to re live your flight in minute detail and share it with friends and relatives.

• Auto-segments your flight maneuvers.
• View your flights in 2D or 3D.
• Overlay aviation charts, terrain maps, or satellite images.
• Cockpit view: relive your flight in 3D animation.
• Display the wind along your route. Check your wind corrections.
• Plot altitude, TAS and VS profiles of your approaches.
• CFI mode for marking the flight in real-time.

Purchase this great add on today. Please note that to purchase this add on you also need to be the holder of a valid trial flight voucher or purchase a trial flight voucher with this add on now.