Sports Flying Academy

Whangarei’s leading recreational flight training school.

Have you ever wanted to learn to fly? Well now you can right here in Whangarei.  The Sports Flying Academy is a flight training organisation dedicated to providing recreational microlight training to a level that equals general aviation flight training.

We are based at the Onerahi airport in Whangarei.  All our staff  and instructors are volunteers who receive no remuneration for their services.  This means we can keep the cost of flying our aircraft as low as possible.  We exist purely to encourage and promote recreational aviation.

Photo of TST

Our Tecnam Sierra P2002 is offered at the incredible price of just $135.00 Including GST. per hour.  Whilst we operate under a certified Civil Aviation Authority part 149 organisation, we are not a club and therefore we do not charge membership fees.  This makes your flying even more cost effective.

So why did we start the Sports Flying Academy?

It has become apparent that many New Zealand microlight flying organisations appear to lack the skills, knowledge, safety programs and procedures that are normally found by default in general aviation organisations.  Microlight aircraft today are sophisticated, fast modern flying machines often capable of higher performance than you average Cessna or Piper type aircraft.

Picture of Sports Flying Academy cockpit through window

It is imperative that the training you receive is at a level that allows the safe operation of these type of aircraft.  The founders of the Sports Flying Academy recognized this often poor quality of microlight flight training and decided to change this by putting their money where their mouths are.

And so the Sport flying Academy was born.  You can rest assured that when you fly with us you will be flying in a safe, modern, well maintained aircraft. Our aircraft is maintained meticulously by a professional Licenced Aeronautical Maintenance Engineer. (L.A.M.E.)

Your instructor will be a well trained general aviation pilot and you will follow the New Zealand Private Pilots syllabus.  We also have a robust safety system in place that we expect all our pilots to embrace.

Satellite flight tracking

We are so committed to safety that we have fitted our aircraft with the latest flight tracking system from Spidertracks. This incredible satellite tracking device allows us to actively track our aircraft in real time.  In the unlikely event that the aircraft experiences a problem in flight an automatic alert is sent directly to our staff as well as the Search and Rescue Coordination Centre in Wellington.  This ensures that no matter where you fly, there is always someone who knows where you are and who is watching your back. You can even click here to see where we are right now.

Spidertracks is available to watch over all your flights at no extra charge.   Spidertracks -taking the search out of search and rescue. When comparing us to other flight schools ask if they have Spidertracks installed.

Free High speed wireless fibre internet.

Our technology doesn’t stop there. We also offer free high speed fibre wireless internet within our hangar. This allows our students and instructors to access the internet to check the weather, NOTAMS (Notices to airman.) and other important information to ensure a safe and well prepared flight. Our fibre system also runs our CCTV surveillance system. We operate a network of security cameras to ensure the security of our staff, students and aircraft. You can even click here to see what we are up to right now.

The Sports Flying Academy encourages young people to learn to fly.

We really enjoy encouraging young people to learn to fly.  We believe that the future of aviation lies with our youth and we specialise in promoting aviation to them.  We have students as young as 12 years old and we try to make the entire learning process a fun and engaging experience.  We have a number of pilot training bundles available or try one of our trial flights first.   If you are a young person and your dream is to fly then get in contact with us today. We would love to hear from you.

Trial flights at the Sports Flying Academy.

Trial flights are a great way to introduce a person to the sheer joy of flying.  These are hands on, interactive training flights where you get to fly the aircraft under the expert supervision of one of our experienced instructors.  Why not purchase a trial flight today for yourself or a loved one and change your life forever?


So ask yourself.  Does the flying organisation you are considering offer all of these advanced services?  If not it may be time to call us here at the Sports Flying Academy and get  quality flight training at a higher level then the rest.  Call us today on 0800-001-931.


Recreational flight training to a GA standard. Call 0800-001-931.

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