Our aircraft

Our aircraft is registered ZK-TST.  It is a modern Tecnam P2002 Sierra aircraft that we offer you for an incredible price of just NZ$135.00 Including GST per hour.

Free instruction

We do not charge for our instructor’s time and all our staff are volunteers.  We try to keep the cost of flying this fantastic aircraft as low as possible in an effort to make aviation accessible to as many people as possible.

As we are not a club we do not charge membership fees and this makes your flying even more cost effective.

Aircraft about to land

The Tecnam Sierra

The Tecnam Sierra P2002 is a two-seater side by side, low wing aircraft that is perfect for flight training.  It is powered by a four cylinder horizontally opposed 100HP Rotax motor with dual ignition system. These motors are extremely reliable and are the standard used in recreational aircraft.

Our aircraft is setup very similar to a general aviation aircraft with the traditional flight instruments in a typical six pack array.  Unusual for a microlight aircraft however,  it also features a suction driven artificial horizon  and directional indicator.  The aircraft is also fitted with a radio, transponder, GPS and emergency locator transmitter (E.L.T.)

Cockpit of aircraft

The advantage of flying in this type of configuration is that should you ever wish to start to fly a general aviation aircraft, the transition is a lot more seamless.

Aircraft taxi

*Photo 1 and 3 above Courtesy of Colin Hunter

Satellite flight tracking

We are so committed to safety that we have fitted our aircraft with the latest flight tracking system from Spidertracks. This incredible satellite tracking device allows us to actively track our aircraft in real time.  In the unlikely event that the aircraft experiences a problem in flight an automatic alert is sent directly to our staff as well as the Search and Rescue Coordination Centre in Wellington.  This ensures that no matter where you fly, there is always someone who knows where you are and who is watching your back. You can even click here to see where we are right now.

Spidertracks is available to watch over all your flights at no extra charge.   Spidertracks -taking the search out of search and rescue. When comparing us to other flight schools ask if they have Spidertracks installed.

Tecnam Sierra demonstration video

Check out this demonstration video of a Tecnam P2002 Sierra being put through its paces in the United States. Please bear in mind that this is a demonstration video filmed under controlled conditions. At the Sports Flying Academy we do not condone low or dangerous flying.


Aircraft Dimensions

Fuselage Height 2.43 mt – 8 ft
Fuselage Length 6.65 mt – 21.8 ft
Wingspan 8.6 mt – 28.2 ft
Cabin Height (seat to cover) 0.91 mt – 3 ft
Cabin Width 1.11 mt – 3.6 ft
Max Seating capacity 2
Fuel tank capacity 2 x 50 lt – 2 x 13.2 US Gal


Engine Manufacturer ROTAX 912 S2
Engine Power 98 HP
Time Before Overhaul 2000 hrs
Propeller Two-Bladed Fixed Pitch
Fuel Consumption 17 lt/h – 4.50 US Gal/h
Fuel Type Mogas and Avgas

Design Weight & Loading

Maximum Take Off Weight 620 kg – 1366 lb
Std. Empty Weight 370 kg – 815 lb
Useful Load 250 kg – 551 lb
Baggage allowance 20 kg – 44 lb


Vmax 230 km/h – 124 kts
Cruise Speed 75% 218 km/h – 118 kts
Stall Speed (Flaps Down Power Off) 72 km/h – 39 kts
Practical ceiling 4572 mt – 15,000 ft
Take off run 140 mt – 459 ft
Take off distance 310 mt – 1017 ft
Landing Run 140 mt – 459 ft
Landing Distance 326 mt – 1070 ft
Rate of climb 4.6 m/sec – 900 ft/min
Range 589 NM
Flight Rule VFR Day/VFR Night


Recreational flight training to a GA standard. Call 0800-001-931.

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