At the Sports Flying Academy safety is our prime focus over everything else.  We have a robust safety management system in place that we make no apology for.  We expect all our staff and students to strictly adhere to our safety program and minimise the multiple risks and hazards that are involved in aviation.

With our attitudes, our procedures and our strict adherence to the Civil Aviation rules we can build a wall between us and a potential accident.

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Why do accidents happen?

Accidents normally happen when a set of hazardous circumstances all line up perfectly. By paying attention to to these circumstances the pilot can minimise and isolate the risks to ensure the accident does not occur.  Flying is one of the safest modes of transport for good reason but it is up to us as pilots to make it and keep it safe.  At the Sports Flying Academy we will teach you about aviation safety and why it is so important.  There are so many things a pilot can do on the ground before flying that can help in a potential emergency.

Operations and safety manual

Please download our Operations and Safety manual.  This can be found in our downloads section.  We expect all our students to become familiar with this manual and adhere to the safety procedures and standard operating procedures contained therein.  This manual is a living document and is updated regularly.  It has been intentionally written in a simple format to ensure that it is relevant to our particular operation.  If you have any questions please or suggestions please contact the Chief Flying Instructor.

Online health and safety notice board.

We operate an online health and safety notice board so that our pilots, students and staff have easy access to important health and safety information. To view our health and safey notice board please click the image below.


Reporting a hazard or safety concern, incident or accident.

If you have a safety related concern that you think we should know about or, perhaps a question then please complete the form below and we will get back to you very shortly. You do not have to supply your contact details however we encourage you to do so in order for us to follow up with you.

Alternatively you can download the following hazard reporting forms. Please email all reports to the Safety Officer at

HSF0513 Potential new hazard report

HSF0514 – Hazard stress or discomfort report

Aviation Safety statement.

This Health and Safety Policy has been written to show that the management of Dreamcraft Aviation Limited T/A Sports Flying Academy is committed to taking ‘All Practicable Steps’ to provide and maintain a Safe and Healthy working environment for all Employees, Students, Visitors, and Contractors/sub-contractors at this Workplace/site.

The management of Sports Flying Academy is committed to meeting all obligations and requirements under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (including the HSE Amendment Act 2002), the Health and Safety in Employment Regulations 1995, including all relevant Codes of Practice, Standards or Guidelines.

The management of Sports Flying Academy is committed to operating and maintaining a compliant, up to date, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Management System.

The management of Sports Flying Academy  is committed to continuous improvement, pursing best practice in occupational health and safety, and providing the required information, training, and supervision needed to achieve this.

The management of Sports Flying Academy is committed to regular consultation on Health and Safety matters with all stakeholders including, Employees and their representatives, Supervisors, H&S Officers, H&S committees, Contractors/sub-contractors, Suppliers, Clients, and Independent experts.

The management of Sports Flying Academy will:

  • Allocate adequate resources to fulfil the aims of this Health and Safety Policy.
  • Annually appoint and train a Health and Safety Officer/Manager to manage and oversee the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  • Establish measurable Health and Safety objectives to ensure continued improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System aimed at the elimination of work-related injury and illness.
  • Review annually(or after a serious harm accident or near miss) the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  • Systematically identify, control and review all existing, and new Hazards at all Workplaces/sites.
  • Take ‘All Practicable Steps’ to Eliminate, Isolate or Minimise the exposure to all Significant Hazards.
  • Regularly manage and review the Hazard Control Methods.
  • Ensure that all Plant and Equipment is regularly maintained, safe to use, and properly ‘guarded’.
  • Create Safe Operating Procedures for all high risk all Plant and Equipment.
  • Complete a Job Safety Analysis for all high risk Tasks Performed.
  • Manage and control all Hazardous Substances at all Workplaces/sites.
  • Create and maintain a Reference Library of all applicable Codes of Practice, Standards and Guidelines.
  • Provide and maintain First Aid Equipment, and trained First Aiders.
  • Provide, maintain and ensure the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), where appropriate.
  • Develop and implement Emergency and Evacuation procedures for all Workplaces/sites.
  • Control, manage and induct all Visitors and Contractors/sub-contractors at all Workplaces/sites.
  • Ensure that all Contractors and sub-contractors are actively managing Health and Safety for themselves and their employees/sub-contractors.
  • Actively encourage the early reporting of any pain or discomfort.
  • Encourage accurate and timely reporting and recording of all accidents,incidents, injuries and near misses.
  • Report all Serious Harm accidents and incidents to WorkSafe New Zealand and Civil Aviation Authority as soon as practicable by phone, and in writing within 7-days.
  • Investigate all reported accidents, incidents, injuries and near misses to identify all contributing factors and, where appropriate, formulate plans for corrective action.
  • Provide treatment and rehabilitation plans that ensure a safe, early and durable return to work.
  • Monitor and manage the employees’ health, exposure to Hazards, drug and alcohol use, and fatigue.
  • Encourage employee participation and consultation in all Health and Safety matters.
  • Enable employees to elect Health and Safety representatives.
  • Establish a Health and Safety Committee that includes representatives from senior management and union and elected health and safety representatives. The Committee is responsible for implementing, monitoring, reviewing and planning Health and Safety policies, systems and practices.
  • Ensure that all employees are adequately trained, and are supervised.
  • Ensure that all Employees, Visitors and Contractors/subcontractors are made aware of the Hazards in their Work area(s), and are adequately trained so they can carry out their duties in a safe manner.
  • Ensure that every manager, supervisor or foreperson is aware of their accountably to the employer for the Health and Safety of all employees working under their direction.
  • Encourage management participation and consultation in all Health and Safety matters.
  • Annually review Health and Safety objectives and managers’ performance.
  • Promote a system of continuous improvement, including annual reviews of policies and procedures.

All Employees, Visitors and Contractors/subcontractors using this Workplace/site as a place of work or visiting on business, are expected to share in Sports Flying Academy’s commitment to Workplace Health and Safety.

 All Employees, Visitors and Contractors/subcontractors will:

  • Comply fully with this Health and Safety Policy.
  • Take ‘All Practicable Steps’ to ensure that no action or inaction of theirs while at work causes harm to any other person.
  • Follow and obey all Safe work procedures, rules and instructions.
  • Ensure that all Plant and Equipment is regularly maintained, safe to use, and properly ‘guarded’.
  • Wear and use Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) and Safety equipment.
  • Follow and obey all Emergency and Evacuation procedures, and instructions.
  • Report any pain or discomfort as soon as possible.
  • Report all accidents,incidents, injuries, near misses and Hazards to the designated person(s).
  • Take an active role in the company’s treatment and rehabilitation plan, for their ‘early and durable return to work’.
  • Be actively involved in all Health and Safety matters.
  • Keep the Work Area tidy and clean, to minimise the risk of any trips, slips and falls.

This Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis, or sooner if required, to take in to account any changes to legislation and/or changes to Sports Flying Academy.


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