Training videos

On this page you can view a collection of aviation training videos. Come back often as we add to these regularly.

Sports Flying Academy Promotional video

Sports Flying Academy video

Trial flight safety briefing

Basic Aerodynamics training videos.

This series of training videos will assist you in understanding the basics of aircraft aerodynamics.  Brought to you by these entertaining videos are available to you free of charge by clicking the links below.

Bits of an aircraft – video #1

How aircraft wings create lift – video #2

The Lift formula explained – video #3

Angle of attack explained – video #4

Aircraft primary flight controls – video #5

Aircraft secondary flight controls –video #6

Effects of aircraft flight controls-video #7

Aircraft drag explained-video #8

Aircraft stalls explained – video #9

Aircraft stability explained – video #10

Aircraft take off explained – video #11

Piston engines explained – video #12

Bernoulis Principle

Safety videos.

178 Seconds to live. (f you only watch one safety video make is this one.)

Aviation case study. -In to deep.

17 Most popular ways to fall out of the sky.

Health and safety. Its no joke.

Fire Safety, Prevention and Fighting Training.

Aircraft handling.

Takeoff and landings-Crosswind landings.

Stalling for safety.

Power on turning stalls.

Spin entry and recovery.

Help, I’m landing left of centre.

Tunnel vision on final.

Engine failure on takeoff -day 1.

Engine failure on takeoff-day 2.

Soft field landings.

Problems during run up.

Engine failure in flight.


Understanding the transponder.

Spidertracks real time aircraft tracking.

Using the radio.

Garmin 296/496 training video.

Human factors


Aero medical factors.

Human factors in flying.

Recreational flight training to a GA standard. Call 0800-001-931.

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