Trial flights

Trial flights are an awesome way to introduce a person to the sheer joy of flying.  They are an interactive, hands-on experience guaranteed to quicken the pulse and inspire anyone who has wondered what it would be like to fly an aeroplane themselves. All our trial flights depart from the Whangarei Airport and they make an ideal present for anyone interested in aviation.

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Trial flights pre-flight briefing

The flight starts with a thorough pre-flight briefing where we explain the aircraft and it’s safety features and systems.   Then its into the cockpit to do our pre-takeoff safety checks.  Once these are complete we taxi onto the runway and blast off for a flight that will change your life forever.

Fly the aircraft yourself

These flights are very hands on and you will get to fly the aircraft yourself under the expert guidance of one of our experienced flight instructors. We will guide you through take off, straight and level flight, climbing and descending, medium turns and steep turns. You will also be able to have a go at the approach and landing and complete some touch and goes. That’s where we touch down briefly and then take off again.

Trial flights Moody picture of aircraft
You will fly in our Tecnam Sierra P2002.

So are these flights joy flights or scenic flights?

We must stress that these flights are not scenic, charter or joy flights. Trial flights are designed to give the recipient an introduction to aviation and are considered a training flight. Trial flights are not offered to tourists or visitors just to see the local area for example.  We offer these flights as a way to encourage you to start learning to fly.  There is no requirement for you to start lessons however we hope that after you have given it a go, you will be as hooked as we are on flying.

A trial flight is an exciting, hands on experience, suitable for ages 13 and upwards. For safety and operational reasons there is a 100kg weight limit and the maximum height is 6Ft 2 inches. Participants must be in reasonable health and be mobile.

Pre take off safety briefing video.

The video below is shown to all trial flight participants when they arrive at our hangar to brief them on what to expect on their flight. If you are thinking of purchasing a trial flight voucher then have a look at this to get detailed information.

Once purchased we will email you a voucher that can be printed and given as a gift. Its a perfect present for birthdays, fathers or mothers days, Christmas or any other occasion.



Recreational flight training to a GA standard. Call 0800-001-931.

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